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    What is a media interview? An interview is when a media reporter or blogger asks you questions in order to write an article about you, an event you participated in or a subject that you can provide background information on. The interview could take place via phone, email, satellite or streaming Internet. A media outlet may request an interview with you based on the information included in your DVIDS Hometown News Release.

    Why is DVIDS asking for my family contact information? When media outlets do a story on a service member, they often like to talk to the family so they can add to the story. TV stations sometimes invite families to their studios to be on air and interviews along with their service member. Media also like to alert family members about when a story on their service member is going to run so the family can see it.

    What is meant by event in the release form? An event could be a military exercise, ceremony, tournament, anniversary or another military occasion that prompted you to fill out the Hometown News Release form.

    Why does DVIDS want to know when I deploy/redeploy? These general dates not only help DVIDS staff know when you are available for interviews, but it is also used as background information by the media.

    Why does DVIDS want to know my favorite sports team? In addition to telling your story to the media, DVIDS also works to get service members featured on sports media outlets and sports team's jumbo trons. If you list your favorite sports teams, DVIDS staff may contact you about showing your support of your team via sports shout outs, live satellite shots or in-game opportunities.

    Why does DVIDS want to know my religious affiliation? In addition to telling your story to hometown media, there are many religious affiliated media outlets that like telling the story of service members who share their faith. Although this question is optional, you open up additional interview opportunities for yourself by providing the information.

    If I upload a photo with my Hometown News Release, how will DVIDS use it? When a media outlet does a story one someone, they need a visual element to run with it. For print outlets, a photo of a service member is requested. TV stations sometimes also request photos but sometimes also request video of the service member performing his/her job. Media prefer action photos that show the service member's face.