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    • Photos of the Day

      A daily compilation of images from around the U.S. military and government agencies.

    • Photos of the Week

      This page highlights the best photos of the current week from Saturday to Sunday. These photos have been curated by the DVIDS staff to showcase and honor the great work that is being done by military public affairs units all over the world. All images here are in the public domain and are free to download upon registration with the DVIDS website. Feel free to subscribe and stay up to date with...

    • Protect What You've Earned

      Protect What You've Earned is a philosophy that reinforces the Marine Corps ethos of Honor, Courage and Commitment. Marines and Sailors protect what they've earned by making responsible decisions: behaving in ways that are honorable, displaying the courage to step in when someone else is not, and being committed to living and enforcing the standards of the Marine Corps. This philosophy is...

    • R&R Leave Program Transition to Commercial Flights

      The number of R&R flight travelers has decreased to an average of 20-30 passengers daily due to the change in the Army deployment policy, the end of OIF and the reduction of forces in OEF. The current operational environment and fiscal constraints allows us to adjust the R&R Flight program in a way that saves resources while continuing to meet all mission requirements and better serve our...

    • Read Across America

      Team Redstone participates in 2021 Read Across America

    • Recovered Chemical Materiel Directorate

      CMA's Recovered Chemical Materiel Directorate provides centralized management and direction to the Department of Defense for the assessment and destruction of recovered chemical warfare materiel in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

    • Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility

      Red Hill is a national strategic asset with 20 underground fuel storage tanks providing fuel essential to our nation’s defenders, who safeguard national interests and support humanitarian missions overseas.

      Red Hill, operated by Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Pearl Harbor’s Fuel Department, consists of 20 tanks, each able to store 12 million gallons of fuel.

    • Regimental Combat Team 1

      A Regimental Combat Team is a group of Marines, trained to conduct hidden movements and long-range target strikes, tasked as a battalion’s quick reaction force to serve as the first Coalition forces responders to any emergency.