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    • Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show Baltimore

      Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show Baltimore

      Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show Baltimore provides an opportunity for the citizens of Maryland and the City of Baltimore to meet Sailors and Marines, as well as see, firsthand, the latest capabilities of today’s maritime services. It is anticipated that approximately 2,500 Sailors and Marines will participate. This is the first time that the City of Baltimore is hosting a Navy Fleet Week.

    • Blue Chromite

      Blue Chromite

      Blue Chromite is a U.S.-only exercise unique to Okinawa which strengthens the Navy-Marine Corps expeditionary, amphibious rapid-response capabilities required to act swiftly and effectively throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

    • Joint Warrior 16-2

      Joint Warrior 16-2

      Joint Warrior is a United Kingdom-led exercise designed to improve interoperability between allied navies and prepare participating crews to conduct combined operations while deployed.

    • Tonnerre Lightning 16-2

      Tonnerre Lightning 16-2

      Tonnerre Lightning is a series of exercises aimed at improving interoperability between the air forces of the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. This exercise takes place from approximately Oct. 31 - Nov. 9, 2016. It consists of several days of refining communication procedures through mission planning, and culminating with air exercises in the U.K., led by the U.K.

    • Joint Task Force Matthew - Haiti Relief Efforts

      Joint Task Force Matthew - Haiti Relief Efforts

      Navy Rear Adm. Cedric Pringle has transferred command of Joint Task Force-Matthew support to USAID-led relief operations to Navy Rear Adm. Roy Kitchener, commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 2, deployed aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7).

    • Commando Sling 17

      Commando Sling 17

      Exercise Commando Sling 17 is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and U.S. Pacific command sponsored exercise conducted in the Republic of Singapore. The purpose of the exercise is to conduct combined dissimilar air combat training with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. The focus of this exercise is on tactical coordination and evaluation of air tactics, techniques and procedures.

    • Southern Strike 2017

      Southern Strike 2017

      Exercise Southern Strike 17 is a total force, multi-service training exercise hosted by the Mississippi Air National Guard's Combat Readiness Training Center in Gulfport, Mississippi, from October 24 through November 4, 2016. The SSTK 2017 exercise emphasized air-to-air, air-to-ground, and special operations forces training opportunities. These events are integrated into demanding hostile and...

    • Hurricane Matthew

      Hurricane Matthew

      Hurricane Matthew - Hurricane Matthew was a category 4 hurricane that formed in the Western Atlantic Ocean and affected Haiti, eastern Cuba, and the Bahamas before moving up the east coast of the United States.