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    • Rapid Trident 19

      Rapid Trident 19

      Exercise Rapid Trident 2019 will take place Sept. 13-28, 2019, at the
      International Peacekeeping Security Centre near Yavoriv, Ukraine. Rapid
      Trident is an annual, multinational exercise involving approximately 3,700
      personnel from 14 nations that focuses on enhancing joint and combined
      readiness and interoperability.

    • Theater Security Package

      Theater Security Package

      Theater Security Packages are U.S. Air Force deployments of aircraft and personnel to Europe in support of Atlantic Resolve, demonstrating U.S. commitment to security and stability in the region.

    • Vigilant Guard 19-4

      Vigilant Guard 19-4

      Vigilant Guard 19-4 is the largest disaster and emergency management response training exercise in Ohio history, being conducted Aug. 5-8, 2019, at more than 10 locations throughout the state and involving more than 3,000 civilian and military personnel representing 90 local, state and federal agencies.

    • Garuda Shield

      Garuda Shield

      Exercise Garuda Shield is an annual bilateral exercise, sponsored by U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) and hosted by the Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI – Indonesia Armed Forces), in Central and Eastern Java, Indonesia. Major components include a Staff Exercise (STAFFEX), and a Field Training Exercise (FTX) supported by aviation which will include specialized medical training on tactical casualty...

    • DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 2019

      DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 2019

      Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference is the largest intelligence community conference that brings together experts and innovators from the military, industry, government, and academia to share their unique insights on IT challenges, the future of IT, information sharing, data and global security.

    • 2019 Pain Care Skills Training (9th Annual)

      2019 Pain Care Skills Training (9th Annual)

      The 9th Annual Pain Care Skills Training taking place at SOUTHCOM Conference Center of the Americas in Miami, Florida, brings colleagues and subject matter experts together to learn more about optimizing care and integrative approaches to pain management within the Department of Defense (DoD). The focus will be in sharing best practices, conducting hands on training and learning integrative...

    • Southern Partnership Station 2019

      Southern Partnership Station 2019

      Southern Partnership Station (SPS) is an annual series of U.S. Navy deployments focused on exchanges with regional partner nation militaries and security forces. SPS 2019 will consist of fly-away deployments of adaptive force packages (AFPs) to Barbados, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru that will conduct training and subject matter expert exchanges to improve capacity in medical, dive...

    • Los Angeles Fleet Week 2019

      Los Angeles Fleet Week 2019

      Fleet Week is an annual, multi-day celebration of our nation’s Sea Services held on the LA Waterfront at the Port of Los Angeles over the Labor Day Weekend. Free to the public, the event features public ship tours, military displays and equipment demonstrations, live entertainment, a kids’ STEM Expo, aircraft flyovers, the 11th Annual Conquer the Bridge Labor Day morning 5.3-mile walk/run...