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Video: Soldiers Evaluate Equipment

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Fort Bliss Soldiers provide feedback on equipment during N.I.E. Army Sergeant Aaron Palmer tells us how the equipment expands communication capabilities. Soldiers from Second Brigade Combat Team, First Armored Division evaluate the Nett Warrior System as part of Network Integration Evaluation, or N.I.E. 13.1. The Nett Warrior provides an integrated situational awareness system to dismounted leaders for use durung combat operations. The system goes beond traditional radio communication and incorperates visual location and text capabilities. It facilitates faster, more accurate command and control on and off the battle field and connects the dismounted soldiers to the network. Reporting from Dona Anna Training Complex, I’m Army Sergeant Aaron Palmer. LEAD: While everyone else waits for new iphone 5 to come in the mail, Soldiers at the McGregor range complex in New Mexico are evaluating the latest in communication software for troops in the fight. So what can we see in store for Soldiers in the future? How about a hand held device that gives you a bird’s eye view of terrain and friendly forces on the ground. Basically it’s a blue force tracker that fits in the palm of your hand. Enabling future Soldiers to be more effective and lethal, increasing their likelihood of survivability. Army Sergeant Aaron Palmer tells us how this new equipment will set the bar for communication capabilities. Soundbites include SSG. Michael Constantine - Squad Leader. Produced by SGT. Aaron Palmer. Also available in High Definition.

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Date Taken:11.1.2012

Date Posted:11.2.2012 4:08AM


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VOSOT: One software upgrade the Army is evaluating is called Soldier Radio Waveform it's used by Shadow 152, an unmanned aerial vehicle.  This new system means it's not limited by distance, weather and terrain.  The SRW software allows both the command and their troops to see the images that the UAV is projecting which helps eliminate some of the miscommunication in the field.  According to SFC. Jaime Castaneda that's not its only advantage. Soundbites include SFC. Jaime Castaneda - Senior Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator.  Produced by SSG. Ray Kokel - 24th Press Camp HQ, Fort Bliss, TX.


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