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25th ID Live Breach 25th ID Live Breach
They may not be used to the cold, but these soldiers are gladly trading the tropical climate of Hawaii for the chill of Korea for some training. It gets them used...
PULSE-W Port Operations PULSE-W Port Operations
U.S. Army LCUs provide support to Pacific Exercises with port operations in the Republic of Korea
LCUs Support Pacific Exercises LCUs Support Pacific Exercises
Pacific Utility and Logistics Support Enablers-Watercraft 2014 - Army watercraft systems provide support to Pacific exercises. Includes sound bites from CW2 David...
USS Lake Erie Pulls into Yokosuka USS Lake Erie Pulls into Yokosuka
USS Lake Erie makes a stop at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan as part of deployment readiness. Available in high definition.
Fire Partnership Fire Partnership
As smoke rises from a three story building on Kunsan air base, Korea, teamwork and partnerships are being forged between Marine, Airmen, and Korean fire...
Crash Recovery Crash Recovery
When an aircraft crashes and can’t be used anymore what happens to it? Crash recovery team chief, TSgt Bradley Parker explains how his team is using an old crashed...

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Pacific Radio Report Tease for 3 Jan
A Pacific Radio Report Tease for January 3, 2014.
Pacific Radio Report for Jan 3, 2014
Pacific Radio Report for air on January 3, 2014.
Tafakula 2013 Road Block
SUGGESTED LEAD: Two columns of roughly 30 infantrymen set out for a mission. Their destination: unclear; their mission: to do whatever it takes to bring down the...
Tafakula 2013 Island Firing
SUGGESTED LEAD: What’s 200 meters long, surrounded by water and catches bullets? Watch this next story to find out. SUGGESTED TAG: MotuTapu island is used...
Tafakula 2013 Island Arrival
SUGGESTED LEAD: Out in the middle of the Pacific ocean lies a small country made up of islands. In our next story we head out to one of the smaller islands to get...
Tafakula 2013 Weapons Familiarization
SUGGESTED LEAD: Many weapons are used specifically by one country’s military. Senior Airman Sarah Brice introduces one such weapon that is making its way into the...