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Alternate Landing Site Kunsan Alternate Landing Site Kunsan
Flight line operations are risky due to rocks and other debris. In the case of Kunsan, scheduled flights are even more dangerous when the primary runway is not...
USO Hotdogs USO Hotdogs
They say the best things in life are free, and this rings loud and true for residents at Yongsan as they receive a delectable gift from the USO.
JROTC Inspection JROTC Inspection
Personal development doesn’t end in the classroom. Sgt Stephen Dornbos, shows us some students who are stepping out of their classes and into their...
USFK Civilian of the Year USFK Civilian of the Year
Working alongside service members are those who help keep the garrison running smoothly. Cpl. Chung Woen Ho tells about some exceptional employees.
Mangudai Mud Pit Mangudai Mud Pit
Sometimes you have to fight for your food. Army Sergeant Matt Krohmer takes us to The Pit. Suggested Tag: The squads had to change and ruck to another location...
Mangudai Obstacle Course Mangudai Obstacle Course
Do our senior enlisted NCO's have what it takes to battle a ROK Ranger obstacle course? Army Sgt. Matt Krohmer gives us a look at the Mangudai competitors....

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Pacific Radio Report Tease for 3 Jan
A Pacific Radio Report Tease for January 3, 2014.
Pacific Radio Report for Jan 3, 2014
Pacific Radio Report for air on January 3, 2014.
Tafakula 2013 Road Block
SUGGESTED LEAD: Two columns of roughly 30 infantrymen set out for a mission. Their destination: unclear; their mission: to do whatever it takes to bring down the...
Tafakula 2013 Island Firing
SUGGESTED LEAD: What’s 200 meters long, surrounded by water and catches bullets? Watch this next story to find out. SUGGESTED TAG: MotuTapu island is used...
Tafakula 2013 Island Arrival
SUGGESTED LEAD: Out in the middle of the Pacific ocean lies a small country made up of islands. In our next story we head out to one of the smaller islands to get...
Tafakula 2013 Weapons Familiarization
SUGGESTED LEAD: Many weapons are used specifically by one country’s military. Senior Airman Sarah Brice introduces one such weapon that is making its way into the...