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TEC called 'innovator' in distance learning

Story by Master Sgt. Michael Smith | Air National Guard Training and Education Center/TV | Date: 08.13.2014

The Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA) recently recognized the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center as an "innovator in distance learning." Read More

Senior African military leaders visit San Diego

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African Officers Visit San Diego,Twentynine Palms

Story by Lt.j.g. Amy Forsythe | U.S. Africa Command | Date: 08.15.2014

U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton’s Edson Range hosted a group of nine senior military officers from various African nations as part of an ongoing military-to-military (M2M) familiarization program sponsored by... Read More

Transportation drives Vibrant Response

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Transportation drives Vibrant Response

Story by Spc. Dani Salvatore | 27th Public Affairs Detachment | Date: 07.31.2014

Transportation is what makes Vibrant Response 14 possible. Troops and supplies are necessary to conduct the missions for the exercise, and transportation professionals work out the logistics to get them where... Read More

Stay active

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Staying healthy with the Performance Triad

Story by Sgt. Samuel Northrup | 7th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment | Date: 07.08.2014

You are in the middle of a 4 mile run - suddenly everything seems to take a turn for the worse: Your heart is pounding, your breathing is labored, your legs feel like lead blocks and you begin dragging your... Read More

Equal Opportunity Leaders' Course

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Equal Opportunity Leaders' Course

Story by Sgt. William White | U.S. Army Central | Date: 07.24.2014

More than 40 stood by as racist and offensive statements were used against one of their peers. One Soldier, a female sergeant, had the courage to speak up. She challenged the authority within the room, but... Read More

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