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News: Like father, like son

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8th MISB (A) father, son jump Staff Sgt. Christopher Franklin

Eighth Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) jump, 1st Sgt. Richard Shultz on left, with son, Sgt. Robert Shultz.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. - The skies over Saint Mere Drop Zone in Fort Bragg did not look promising for the Soldiers of Military Information Support Operations Command (MISOC) in late May 2012, and it looked like another Airborne Operation was going to be cancelled due to bad weather. In the life of a paratrooper those kinds of days are expected but, for two particular sky Soldiers it was thought to be a curse!

Psychological Operations Specialists 1st Sgt. Richard D. Schultz of A Company 8th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) and Sgt. Robert J. Schultz of A Company 9th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) had made several attempts to exit an aircraft together to no avail. “Every time the opportunity came up, the jump was cancelled before it started because of bad weather! Now it looks like this one might not go too!” said 1st Sgt. Schultz as he looked to the dark clouds creeping over the trees.
First Sgt. Schultz’s predictions proved to be true and the jump was later cancelled due to heavy rain but, not before both father and son made their first “jump” together and landed safely within 75 meters from one another on Saint Mere Drop Zone.

“History was made for the Schultz family today and when she’s older, I’m going to tell my daughter all about today!” said Sgt. Schultz. In total, nearly 100 MISOC paratroopers exited the aircraft and landed safely without injuries before weather conditions took a turn for the worse and the Airborne Commander was forced to cancel the operation due to heavy rain and wind speeds.

Story by 1st Sgt. Richard D. Schultz and Cpt. Seth Lydem

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Images8th MISB (A) father,...
Eighth Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne)...
Images8th MISB (A) father,...
Eighth Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne)...
Images8th MISB (A) father,...
Eighth Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne)...
Images8th MISB (A) father,...
Eighth Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne)...

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Date Taken:06.01.2012

Date Posted:12.04.2012 09:17

Location:FORT BRAGG, NC, USGlobe

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