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News: Shadow governor for Musa Qal'ah District captured

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KABUL- An Afghan and coalition security force detained several insurgents including the Taliban shadow governor of Musa Qal'ah District in Helmand province Wednesday.

The shadow governor facilitated and led improvised explosive device and direct fire attacks and handled funding for Taliban operations within his area.

The security force approached the targeted compound northeast of the village of Sandalah in Musa Qal'ah District to search for the shadow governor. Afghan soldiers used a loudspeaker to call for all occupants to exit the buildings peacefully and then secured the area.

After initial questioning on the scene, the assault force detained the shadow governor and three insurgents for further questioning.

During the search, an elderly man had a heart attack at the compound. The security force immediately administered medical care at the scene, but the man unfortunately passed away.

The security force did not fire their weapons during the operation.

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Date Taken:09.02.2010

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